Monday, 14 January 2008

El Presidente!

The Times carried a story last week on Mr Blair and the ongoing rumour that he will be the first President of the EU.

“TONY BLAIR today fuelled further speculation that he will run for election as the European Union’s first full-time president later this year. Speaking in Paris this morning, the former prime minister called for a “strong and united Europe”, adding that members fail to deliver what their citizens want when they act as individual nations.”

If it turns out to be true, I’m sure we will all have to suffer the lying smile again, as it is beamed into every EU home during his version of the State of the E-Union speech. I wonder if any of the UK, sorry EU citizens will finally realise, this man, as with most establishment party politicians only ever care about themselves and power.

“The speech, delivered in French to members of the ruling centre-right UMP party, will be seen widely as Blair’s calling card for the new post of President of the European Council.

The post is to be created in the second half of 2008, with the appointment process to be overseen by France, during its leadership of the EU later this year.

French president Nicholas Sarkozy, who invited Blair to give the address, described the former British prime minister as “one of Europe’s greats”.”

Just how will this ‘man of the people’ obtain this grand position? Well, we know that by gold plating, every law to come out of Brussels during his watch he’s likely to be loved the EU elite and of course, his steering of the UK into the final Lisbon Treaty (without a referendum) proves his devotion to the EU project over the say of the UK people. If EU past practise is anything to go by than the election of the EU president will interesting affair, I’m surprised that there would even be an election, the EU machine prefers to appoint, popular vote not required.

Democracy in the UK at the national level isn’t perfect, it’s well over due for reform in particular a move to proportional representation (I’d opt for the Australian model myself), but that aside it still provides citizens real democratic power, to hold a government to account. Democracy within a looming EU super-state is simply democracy-lite, yes, you will get to vote for a Member of EU parliament by the PR system, but the power of this representative is limited, with virtually no power to hold the executive to account, this point illustrated by the ongoing saga of the EU annual accounts not signed-off by the EUs own auditors any year this century!

Any detailed examination of the key parts of legislation that has come down from Brussels over the years, shows how the command and control structures of the EU will act in deed and spirit. Some UK citizens will likely wake one day in late 2010 and begin to realised what they have lost as they feel the impacts of the centralised soviet-style (nu-soviet) government of the EU, which exists to rule its citizens rather than serve them, but don’t worry Tony will be smiling at you from the TV, so everything must be ok.

Use your vote wisely, vote BNP.

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