Tuesday, 15 January 2008

“Realist Party” isn't that the BNP?

From time to time I look in on the sky news discussion forums. I’m not a fan of sky (News International), but their news discussion board, does allow greater freedom for discussion especially compared the BBC's pathetic ‘have you say’, but only on subjects we permit approach.

The politics section occasionally has good discussions and two constant topics are the BNP and the Muslims/Islam etc. Now and again some interesting points will be made. The board does suffer a high level of trolls who whenever like minded people are engaged a respectful debate arrive with the name calling, insults and what I would describe as Marxist influenced mindset, which they may or may not be aware they have. But this aside, ideas are exchanged.

One recent thread encouraged people to post what their policies would be if they had their very own political party. Some were well conceived, but I saw most sense in poster ‘Panthos’ manifesto.

How many items on his list don’t make common sense? Maybe I’d change three or four but that’s it. As another poster comments:


“Panthos this is an almost perfect manifesto can you give nick griffin a ring I’m sure he’d love it every bit as much as the working white indigenous minority will. magnificent, clear, consise and nowhere to hide.”


“Email is on the way waspish, the people have spoken !”


“Panthers “Realist Party” Manifesto:
Making a change for a better Britain.

1 Out of the EU and into good neighbour agreement to save £10 billion a year
2 End the new 8,5000 Quango’s under Labour costing industry £30 billion
3 Mine coal for power stations
4 Encourage mass production of electro-cars and passenger vehicles under British companies
5 Re-Nationalise Gas, electricity, postal services and telecommunications
6 Privatise the BBC
7 Remove all road cameras except in city centres
8 Replace traffic wardens with city wardens to pick up dog turds as part of their job
9 All hospitals to be accountable to regional health authorities
10 All police forces to be accountable to the Mayor
11 A Mayor to be elected in every ‘Borough’
12 Councils to be accountable to the Mayor
13 Mayors are accountable to the people through public forums of 1,000
14 Public forums are accountable to the people of their districts
15 An MP and an Independent Representative to be elected for every Borough
16 Independent Borough Representatives to be elected to upper chamber
17 MP’s to be accountable to the people by a legal duty to fulfill their manifesto
18 The Queen to appoint the Speaker in parliament
19 The Queen to appoint the speaker in the Lords
20 A Written Constitution to be drawn up within 5 years
21 All persons to be accountable in law to uphold the Constitution
22 Repeal the Human Rights Act
23 Bank of England to remain independent but Chancellor to be accountable for it’s decisions each month
24 Preserve our Gold Bullion and return what Brown gave away
25 Scrap VAT and replace with a 10% purchase tax on certain items
26 Replace car-tax with MOT and Insurance Disk and added fuel charge
27 Trade with Europe and the Commonwealth
28 Impose a Trade Barrier with all non-democratic regimes
29 1 year Work permits given to skilled workers and professional only
30 5 year Work permits automatically permit permanent residency providing no imprisonable offences have been the case
31 Citizenship may be granted after 10 years residency dependant on acceptance and an examination on The British Constitution has been passed including language.
32 Only Christian schools are permitted, pay for them yourself if not state school
33 Parents with kids at private school to get a grant for relieving the state of the burden
34 Family allowance to be means tested
35 Deport all none citizens to country of origin if failing to adhere to the above or if been imprisoned, grant of £5,000 to assist.
36 Refuse entry to ‘extended’ family members
37 Tax on fuel to rise annually in steps to encourage rail transport
38 Mag-Rail to replace main line rail
39 Prime Minister to be subject to 4 yearly fixed term of office
40 Mandatory election if PM changes
41 Foreign Office to engage an office of foreign trade brokers for the world
42 Drug companies to be nationalized and drugs to be given in aid to countries who need them. Costs of prescription to come in line to pay for the service and research.
43 Return Armed Forces to Britain to protect ports, airports and London
44 Ban foreign take-overs of companies and replace with trade licences, and ban tax leaving Britain.
45 Maximum limit on private money leaving Britain is £2 million
46 Ban socialism and all other extremists from the country
47 Make them go underground like rats, and give our army something worthwhile to do ferreting them out
48 Bring back the death penalty
49 MP's are subject to committees for what they say in parliament and may be suspended and fined and their party fined
50 Age of retirement is 60, Pensions to follow wage index
51 All public employees to adhere to contracts which include wage increases in line with inflation
52 Minimum wage retained but increased only in line with inflation
53 All unemployed physically capable of working to serve term of 3 months community warden work at minimum wage if unemployed longer than one year
54 Kick fakers off sick benefit (6 month checks), and make it an imprisonable offence to rob the state.”


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